Commercial conditions & cancellation policy

Updated: 20 december 2021

We are currently receiving many requests regarding your next trips. As a result, our response times are lengthened and we process customer files as a priority for the coming days. Our teams are hard at work to offer you solutions and we thank you for your understanding.

Since the appearance of the Coronavirus, Aircalin has been in constant contact with the authorities to follow the development of the situation and keep you informed. At this stage, our commercial programm is suspended and few flights under exemption (territorial continuity towards the Metropolis and repatriation flights) are still scheduled.

To allow you to adapt to the situation, and book your trip with confidence, Aircalin has implemented exceptional commercial measures throughout its network and offers you more flexibility.

For all Aircalin tickets (ticket number starting with 063) purchased at one of the company's points of sale or its distributors:

I  - In the event of the cancellation of your program flight by Aircalin or the inability to travel* between june 1, 2020 and november 30, 2021 due to "covid-19" measures and suspension of international flights

If the cancellation is at the initiative of the Airline or because of the impossibility of getting to your destination*:

  • You can postpone travel dates without modification fees for any new dates in 2022
    • without fare adjustment if your new departure date is no later than February 28th, 2022. Subject to availability in the same travel cabin
    • with adjustment to the applicable level if the departure is later to this date.
  • Otherwise, the unused full value of your Aircalin ticket remains available as a credit under the following conditions:
    • 1 year validity from the date of the canceled flight
    • Usable for any purchase of a new Aircalin ticket on the same or another destination.
    • Example: Your flight of 10/15/2021 is canceled. The unused value of your ticket remains available for any new reservation and issuance of Aircalin tickets made no later than 10/14/2022. Since the flights are available in the system at +355 days from the reservation date, the maximum date of the last flight used with the credit will then be October 4, 2023.
    • This credit will be refundable at the end of its validity (1 year after the date of the canceled flight) for the total amount if it has not been used or the remaining balance if it has been used partially.

* this impossibility means: any restrictions on departure on departure, entry or transit in the country of destination or stopover; the limitation of individual trips likely to compromise the stay; the cancellation of the event, for a reason related to COVID-19, which justified the trip.

What should I do?

  • To postpone your travel dates, you must contact the point of sale where you purchased your ticket.
  • To benefit from your credit, simply keep your ticket number which can be reused at your point of sale during your next reservation, or be reimbursed at the end of its validity (i.e. 1 year after the date of canceled flight)

II - Modification or cancellation excluded of the scope of the above

A. Cancellation or volontary postpone of your flight from 1rst dec 2021 : 

I renounce to travel and I wish to :

1. Modification

  • Modify my travel dates  : until 28 fébruary 2022, no modification costs applied ( but with readjustment to the applicable level if the initial price is not available)
  • For request made from March 1, 2022: Fare rules applies.

2. Refund

  • Refund of your ticket : immediate refund possible with penalities according to the commercial conditions applying to your initial booking. The A la Carte Services remain non refundable.

3. Credit

  • In the context of voluntary cancellation, the ticket can be kept as a credit note at no cost for the scheduling of a future trip.

B. Involuntary cancellation for flights from 1rst dec to 31 march : 

In case of cancellation at the initiative of Aircalin, the below options are possible : 

  • Change your dates of travel without fees
  • Keep your ticket for a future use in the limit of its validity date
  • OR ( while using the refund form here)
  • You can choose a refund without fees and immediate
  • Opt for a credit with a validity of 12 months

Cancellation due to a positive Covid case before departure

In the event of denied boarding or the inability to travel due to a positive test for covid19, the ticket should, according to the conditions detailed upper.

Note that in the event of a denied boarding due to non-compliance with the rules for entering the country of destination (no visa, mandatory government health authorization, etc.), the fare rules relating to the ticket purchased will apply in case of postponement or refund.

What should I do?

  • You have purchased your ticket from a travel agency  or a third party web site : you need to contact them to proceed to the procedure describe above
  • You have bought your ticket in a Aircalin point of sale or on the Aircalin web site : please contact your nearest Aircalin office.

Covid-19 refunds

Like many travelers affected by the health crisis, do you have a credit note or an Aircalin ticket whose one-year validity is expiring? First of all, the entire company thanks you for your patience and understanding. From 22 March 2021, you have 3 options!


Credit +10%

You can choose to renew your support to Aircalin by extending your credit for a period of validity of 2 years, which will increase its value by 10%. You will then have a new non-refundable document that can be used to purchase one or more Aircalin tickets on Aircalin flights.



If you are unsure, Aircalin also allows you to extend the validity of the current ticket or credit note by 12 months. The latter will keep its initial value and will remain refundable. It can be used for a new Aircalin ticket on one or more Aircalin flights.



You may request a refund of the value of your ticket or credit note. Your refund will be processed according to the eligibility periods, free of charge, and credited to your account as soon as possible.



Tickets purchased in travel agency

If you bought your ticket at a travel agency, regardless of the option chosen, please contact your point of sale who will process your request.


The implementation of refunds or processing of credit notes will take place according to the following schedule for any Aircalin document (starting with the number 063):

Initial date* Eligibility period of application**
from 21 to 31 march 2020 from 22nd march 2021
from 01 to 30 april 2020 from 01 april 2021
from 01 to 31 may  2020 from 01 may 2021
from 01 to 30 june 2020 from 01 june 2021
from 01 to 31 july 2020 from 01 july 2021
from 01 to 31 august 2020 from 01 august 2021
from 01 to 30 september 2020 from 01 september 2021
from 01 to 31 october 2020 from 01 october 2021
from 01 to 30 november 2020 from 01 november 2021
from 01 to 31 décember 2020 from 01 december 2021

* Original date of travel (ticket) or date of issue (credit note)

** These eligibility periods apply to all 3 options.


The travel documents eligible for refund related to the COVID-19 crisis are:

  • Tickets for all destinations (except Noumea-Wallis-Noumea and/or Wallis-Futuna-Wallis) where at least one of the scheduled flights is between 21 March 2020 and 31 december 2021.
  • Tickets for a trip Noumea-Wallis-Noumea and/or Wallis/Futuna/Wallis of which at least one of the scheduled flights is between 21 March 2020 and 30 June 2020 or between 7 March 2021 and 29 August 2021 and from September 07, 2021.
  • Credit notes issued between 21 March 2020 and 31 december 2021.

Please note: the ticket or credit note must not have been previously used or exchanged.

The COVID-19 refund claim is permitted up to 2 years after the date of the original flight or 2 years after the date of issue of the original credit. If the credit is claimed after one year, the bonus is not refundable. In case of reissue of a refundable ticket with use of the bonus credit, if the ticket is requested to be refunded, the amount of the bonus remains non-refundable.



The applicant must have the proof of purchase (electronic ticket receipt or EMD passenger receipt) and indicate the document number and the associated name. The applicant must be able to provide proof of identity by presenting his/her passport. In the case of a group tariff, the original payer of the group will be contacted to verify their agreement.


The applicant may request, as an option:

  • A 10% credit note in the passenger's name of the remaining value, including taxes, paid in full or in part in cash, cheque or credit card, non-refundable and valid for two years for the purchase of one or several Aircalin flights,
  • A refundable credit note valid for a further 12 months from the date of application,
  • A transfer corresponding to the remaining amount that he/she initially paid in cash, cheque or credit card.


The non-refundable +10% bonus credit or refundable extended credit will be issued in the passenger's name and forwarded to the applicant on the anniversary of the original flight, or when the original credit expires. Refund of eligible documents will be made according to the schedule and credited to the applicant's account within a few days, depending on the banks involved.


The applicant must provide for reimbursement either:

  • His/Her IBAN details for French banks based in a French territory
  • His/Her bank details for other banks

See the IBAN/INTERNATIONAL BANK TRANSFER section for more details.



This guide offers help in using the application form.

CAUTION: Do not forget to enclose a copy of your passport, which is the only form of identification accepted. 

Ticket and document to provide

You can find your document number and the name of the passenger as it appears in your documents:

At the top of your e-ticket, as below

Billet EN

At the top of your passenger receipt

Billet EN 2

Inputs tips

  • Remember to attach your receipt for each reference. If there are several document numbers on the same attachment (e.g. due to the purchase of an à la carte service [comfort seat, special meals, additional luggage...]), please copy the same attachment for each reference.
  • The confirmation email is not an accepted attachment. The passenger's name and the 10-digit document number must appear.
  • The first 3 digits before your document number must be '063' and it is not necessary to enter it. If not, this document belongs to another airline. Please contact your sales office.

IBAN/international bank transfer

Remember to enter your IBAN or bank details (international banks). They will be mandatory information to fill in the fields. Do not forget to attach your bank details.

For foreign accounts US, AU, NZ, FJ, etc.: Do not enter the letters ABA, BSB and ACC but only the numbers separated by a blank.


For rejected transactions, the Company reserves the right to deduct the bank charges incurred from the amount refunded.