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Visit Marseille, the city of a thousand faces

With more than 26 centuries of history, Marseille offers its visitors two great facets: the Mediterranean, from the Old Port to the Frioul Islands, passing by the creeks; and the city, from the famous historical district of the Panier to the heights of Notre-Dame de la Garde.


The unavoidable Old Port and the intimate Auffes valley

Marseille is above all a port city. It was around the current Old Port that the city was founded and developed its commercial activity, sheltered by limestone reliefs and later by the two imposing forts that close its entrance. Legend has it that the Old Port was founded around 600 BC by Greeks from Phocaea. Since then, this district has been the embodiment of both the commercial prosperity of the city and its sense of welcoming foreigners. The Old Port is thus one of the first places to visit in Marseille. Every morning, stock up on fresh fish at the fish market that takes place right on the docks. Iconic, the Old Port of Marseille finds its more intimate counterpart in the Auffes valley, which has preserved all its Provencal charm between two cliffs near the Catalan beach.

Marseille Calanques Nature Mer Tourisme

Frioul, calanques, château d'If... The treasures of the Mediterranean

Did you know that the city of Marseille stretches out to sea and that it still offers incredible treasures in the open sea? If you are looking for something unusual to visit in Marseille, the Frioul Islands and the Château d'If will satisfy your desire for nature and adventure. The islands are part of the Calanques National Park and are home to a vegetation and birdlife not to be missed. As for the Château d'If, a terrible 16th century prison from which one cannot escape unless one is called Edmond Dantes, it is a real playground for the romantic imagination.

Nature Marseille Découvrir Eau Turquoise

Another Mediterranean treasure, the creeks of Marseille, which can be admired from the sea as well as from the hiking trails that cross them. Swimming, walking, climbing... These white cliffs, plunging into the azure sea, are conducive to many activities from Marseille to Cassis.

Ville Marseille Bâtiments Ciel

A change of scenery with the architecture

In Marseille, nothing is easier than to get a change of scenery by going from one neighbourhood to another, as the architecture is so varied. Built in the 20th century, Le Corbusier's Cité Radieuse, located between the Corniche and the Pointe Rouge, is a unique concept that is among the most important places to visit in Marseille. Its colours, its play of light, its construction on stilts are all remarkable characteristics and classified by UNESCO. Not far away, the Orange Velodrome stadium is also an impressive monument of modernity. Today, it is a mythical soccer stadium where you can attend a match as well as visit the backstage. Just a stone's throw from the Old Port, the Museum is the place to stop to discover both the civilisations of the Mediterranean and a cubic openwork concrete architecture that is out of the ordinary. On the roof terrace, the view of the city is enchanting.

Cathédrale Marseille Architecture Histoire

Dominate Marseille at Notre-Dame de la Garde

Located on a hill at 154 m altitude, the Notre-Dame de la Garde basilica, or "Good Mother" for the Marseillais, offers a wide view of the city, its surroundings and the Mediterranean. Visible from the four corners of the city, it marvels at its two-tone design, which gives it an oriental look. Built on a protective fort, the magnificent basilica crowns a succession of chapels and sanctuaries founded in this place since the 13th century. Its construction began in the 19th century to accommodate the growing number of pilgrims. At the top, the Virgin Mary presents her child to the world and watches over the inhabitants of the city from the risks of shipwreck and epidemic. Her statue is more than 11 meters high and its gold leaf surface shines brightly under the Mediterranean sun.

In the heart of the city, from the Cours Julien to the Panier district

To fully grasp the atmosphere of the city, a visit to the Panier district and the Cours Julien is essential. The Panier is one of the historical districts of Marseille. Its narrow streets lined with staircases and colourful facades are a real pleasure for those who like to wander around the city to better capture its charm. An acropolis dedicated to Athena once stood on top of the "Butte des Moulins" and the agora occupied the current Place de Lenche. Frescoes and street art works contribute today to the unique character of this founding district. A trend that can also be found on the Cours Julien, a calm and chic haven of peace in the heart of Marseille. Many markets come to animate it: organic, peasant, creators... Shops of second-hand clothes, artists, second-hand dealers or bookshops complete the picture, for the greatest pleasure of the visitor.

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How to get to Marseille

Going to Marseille from Noumea

To reach Marseille easily from Noumea, consult our page Flight Noumea Marseille.

Average flight time : 

The shortest flight time from Noumea to Marseille is 25 hours and 30 minutes. This travel time may vary depending on your itinerary. Flights beyond the Aircalin network are operated by our partner airlines.

Time difference :

It is 9 hours later in Noumea, New Caledonia than in Marseille, France.

When to go to Marseille

When is the best time to visit Marseille?

Marseille has a warm temperate climate and can be visited at any time of the year. The best time to visit is : 

  • Summer period : From April to October, discover the city under the Mediterranean sun. Beware, however, of temperatures that can reach 30°C in the hottest part of the summer, in July and August. 

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