Visit Mare Island in 3 days 

While discovering Mare on a three-day stay on the island, you will appreciate all the charms and flavors of the island. Don’t miss out on the best things to do on Mare Island.

Aquarium Naturel

Day 1 - Arrival in Mare

Visit the natural aquarium of Mare

What could be more pleasant, when disembarking off the plane from Noumea, than a swim with a school of multicolored fish? South of Tadine, the natural aquarium of Mare is ideal for a break in front of crystal clear waters, with superb shades of blue. Go and try the fish bougna at the Nengone Village Hotel. This traditional Kanak specialty is made of tubers, vegetables and fish, often wrapped in banana leaves, and slowly cooked on a bed of heated stone.


Relaxation on the beaches

Continue this relaxing interlude on one of the beautiful beaches this the island has to offer. While some offer long stretches of white sand, such as Wabao, others offer a steeper relief, giving them that wild aspect specific to the island of Mare. Pede Beach, for example, is mostly known as one of the most beautiful in the world.

You can also opt for a short hike, following the "five beaches walk", on the west coast that starts from Kawe beach.

Maré-Trou d'eau dans la forêt

Day 2 - From the cliffs inland

The mysterious trails of Bone and Pethoen Cave

Discover the facets of Mare and its splendid, deeply indented cliffs, sometimes sheltering lovely sandy coves. Located about seven kilometers from La Roche airfield in Wakone, the famous Warrior's Leap is a must-see on any trip to Mare. Legend has it that in ancient times, a warrior, pursued by enemies, managed to leap across the crack, while those opponents fell to the bottom of the water.

Lunch is served !

In the heart of the vegetation of the Medu district, discover the Pethoen cave, another local wonder with its magnificent stalactites. These overlook a freshwater lake, in which locals like to come and bathe.

To end the day in beauty, consider reserving a coconut crab at the Lodge Chez Léon, at Eni tribe. This amazing land creature feeds exclusively on coconut, which gives its meat a very special flavor.

Plage d'Eni

Day 3 - the treasures of the island

See you at the Tadine market

The Kanak are used to a saying "You have the watch, we have the time", time seems to pass precisely differently in Mare. More slowly, more serenely. This is a gentle way of life specific to the island. If you arrive on a Tuesday or Friday morning, go and visit the market of Tadine, the small picturesque capital of Mare. Also take the opportunity to visit the Yeiwéné Yeiwéné Cultural Center, which offers exhibitions on Kanak art throughout the year.

In the kingdom of the avocado

In Mare, the main activity of the inhabitants is based on market gardening and this feeds the whole country. The reputation of Mare's avocados, for example, has long gone beyond the island's borders. During the avocado season, they can be found on every stall in New Caledonia. In May, they even have a festival dedicated to this small green fruit every year at the Tribe of Nece. In this period, it is possible to book stays and take advantage of reduced prices, thanks to the famous iBozu packages, which is also available on the other Loyalty Islands.

Maré Terrasses Shabadran Plage Turquoise

A final hike to the south of the island

Don't leave Mare without making a detour to the south of the island. Discover the terraces of Shabadran that only takes a few hours to explore its magnificent landscape that will lead you to a sublime cove. End your trip on the beach of Yedjelé with its turquoise water.

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