La plage de Coogee est une superbe arche de sable blanc

Beaches between sky and sea

Sydney boasts nearly 35 ocean pools, constructed within the rocks to allow for swimming without the worry of currents. Sydney's residents particularly cherish these facilities. To the north of the city, numerous beaches feature natural pools, almost all connected by pedestrian pathways. They are generally free of charge. 

Among the most renowned is Coogee Beach, a stunning cove with white sands, known for its family-friendly atmosphere, situated in a pleasant and authentic residential neighborhood. For a livelier and trendier beach experience, especially in the evenings, you can head to Bondi via a well-maintained pedestrian route. This path is adorned with fountains along the way. 

Sydney's beaches are, therefore, ideal for visitors seeking relaxation and enjoyment.

Sydney piscine eau de mer

From Coogee to Ross Jones

From Coogee, you can head to the natural Ross Jones Rock Pool, near the Coogee Surf Life Saving Club. The waves hit it, and access is free.

Continuing along the path, you'll find cafés and restaurants where you can sample delicious local cuisine. The terraces offer breathtaking ocean views. It's the ideal place to relax and enjoy a good meal in the open air.

Sydney piscine eau de mer

From Ross Jones to Clovelly

Once you've visited the Ross Jones pool, follow the beach to reach the beginning of the promenade. The path is well-marked. You'll pass through an arch and come across another small oceanic pool, Giles Bath, which has a more rustic charm. It's a great opportunity to capture some stunning wave shots!

Follow this route for an optimal stroll :

  • You'll reach Gordon's Bay, a delightful bay popular among fishermen.
  • Next, the path will take you alongside beautiful houses with breathtaking views of the ocean.
  • Finally, you'll arrive at the shores of Clovelly Beach.

Clovelly Beach's marine reserve is a true paradise for scuba diving enthusiasts. With its crystal-clear waters and diverse marine life, you can explore the underwater depths and admire the magnificent coral reefs and colorful fish.

Sydney piscine eau de mer

From Clovelly to Bronte 

Once you've passed Clovelly Beach, the trail continues along the coastline, crossing through Bundock Park. The crashing waves at the base of the cliffs provide a stunning spectacle.

The path then runs alongside an old cemetery and is frequented by sports enthusiasts of all ages. Be sure to keep to your left. About a 20-minute walk from there, you'll reach the famous Bronte Beach.

Upon arriving at Bronte Beach, take advantage of the large shaded park at this authentic and charming beach for a picnic (facilities are available). Seafront restaurants also offer a well-deserved break.

Continue on to Bondi along an increasingly crowded trail. Along the way, you'll pass by other picturesque beaches and well-kept parks for resting, enjoying, and admiring the magnificent landscapes.

Piscine à Sydney

From Bronte to Bondi 

The arrival at Bondi Beach is impressive, with this immense stretch of beach unfolding before you. As a bonus, you'll have a view of the turquoise natural pool at the Iceberg's Club, one of Sydney's most Instagrammed spots.

You'll be immediately captivated by the lively atmosphere that reigns on the beach. Surfers ride the waves, families bask in the sun, and groups of friends play beach volleyball. There's a contagious energy that will make you want to join in the fun. Regardless of the season or time of day, Bondi remains a must-visit place. Have some fish and chips for lunch, then check out the cliffs at the southern end of the beach.

If you're into water sports, you can rent a surfboard or take lessons to learn the basics of this exciting sport. Bondi's waves are known to be perfect for beginners but also offer a challenge for experienced surfers.

Australie Sydney, entre ciel et mer

Bondi : From beach to nightlife

Life in Bondi is particularly vibrant during the summer and from 5 PM to 9 PM.

After a day of relaxing on the beach, you can head to one of the many bars and clubs in Bondi to enjoy a lively evening.

Whether you prefer sipping a cocktail while watching the sunset or dancing the night away, you'll undoubtedly find a place that suits your desires.