volcan tanna Vanuatu

Tanna, the force of nature

In the south of the archipelago lies the island of Tanna, known for its active volcano. An excursion along the Yasur is an unforgettable experience. During the day, you'll discover an almost lunar landscape formed by the tons of ash ejected by the volcano over the centuries. At nightfall, the lava bursting from the crater is a spectacle like no other. A sound and light show, as the noise of the magma eruptions is sure to surprise you!

Santo champagne beach

Santo Champagne Beach

A beach with incredibly fine white sand, waters of incredible purity where a rich marine fauna thrives. Champagne Beach is a true slice of paradise for lounging in the sun and swimming with fish and turtles.

Marché Vanuatu

Market and shopping

The market is a must-visit: colors, scents, smiles... everything is there to immerse you in the island's atmosphere. Continue by exploring the city's shops, which are concentrated on a few streets. Whether it's duty-free or local souvenirs, there's plenty to delight in.


The song of kava

When in the capital, it's essential to go and lift a "shell". That is, to drink kava, a beverage made from pressed kava roots. Its relaxing and slightly euphoric effects are affectionately known as the "song of kava". There are about 300 nakamals, or kava bars, just in Port-Vila. You'll be spoilt for choice.


port villa blue lagoon

Port-Vila, the sweetness of life

Freshwater swimming

To start the day off right, head to the Blue Lagoon, a stunningly beautiful turquoise water hole located 1h30 from the city center. Bring a picnic to relax by the water.


Golf and waterfalls

Golf enthusiasts will be delighted by the Port-Vila Golf and Country Club, located 15 minutes from the center and by the sea. Alternatively, opt for an afternoon at the Mele waterfalls with a visit to the Black Magic Village and a traditional show.